Food for Thought…And Your Teeth!

Is your diet tooth-friendly morning, noon and night? Try to incorporate these foods into your breakfast, lunch and dinner for a healthy mouth around the clock.

Breakfast: Opt for fruit high in malic acid, like strawberries, to jump-start your day. Malic acid is gentle but effective in removing surface stains from your teeth caused by coffee and soda.

Lunch: Reach for a crunchy salad complete with celery and basil. Celery is helpful when it comes to cleaning teeth while basil has been known to kill bacteria causing bad breath.

Dinner: Try cooking with coconut oil to combat tooth decay. Love mushrooms? They make the perfect pairing for poultry and are packed full of vitamin D, which is helpful in absorbing calcium.

And with all of this eating, don’t forget to brush and floss your teeth every morning and night!

Chew On This, Not That

Often find yourself reaching for a stick of gum to freshen your breath midday?

Whether it’s a regular habit or something you only opt for every now and then, here are a few reasons to consider making the switch to sugar-free gum.

It’s better for your teeth. Sugar-free gum won’t leave a coating of sucrose on your teeth that can lead to plaque buildup and bacteria, lowering your risk of cavities.

Like regular gum, sugar-free gum can also enhance your breath if you’re dealing with halitosis, also known as bad breath.

Sugar-free gum stimulates saliva flow. If you’re dealing with a dry mouth, consider picking up a pack of sugar-free gum to help increase saliva flow.

Wondering what other easy fixes you can make to improve the health of your teeth? Ask us at your next appointment.

3 Ways to Stop Gum Disease

Did you know that the majority of adults have some degree of gingivitis, also known as inflammation of the gums?

Often a precursor of periodontal disease and missing teeth, here’s how you can keep your gums healthy.

1. Brush your gum line. Even if you brush your teeth twice each day, take a moment to make sure you’re practising focused brushing, especially around your gum line where plaque can build up.

2. Keep your toothbrush stored correctly. Your toothbrush should be stored in an upright position and never in a closed container as moist air can promote bacteria growth.

3. Kick your bad habits. Consuming too much alcohol or smoking cigarettes can actually drain your body of vitamins—many of which are helpful for a healthy mouth and gums.

To make sure your gums stay healthy, visit our practice for your regular cleaning.