Broken Teeth

Should a fall or injury occur with your teeth.

Broken teeth can happen for a number of reasons,  decay, sporting injuries, or falls, are usually the reasons behind teeth fracturing or breaking. In rare cases,  malformed dentition either through hereditary or genetic traits may also impact on teeth fracturing. Patients usually need to see us to discuss the options available when teeth break.  In majority of cases its a standard filling that is carried out, in other situations, an inlay or overlay porcelain crown may be recommended to replace the lost or missing parts of the tooth.

If the root is fractured.

If the root of the tooth is fractured, in most cases, the tooth needs to be removed and a replacement with a dental implant; or some other means of artificial replacement.  However, this is also very dependant where the fracture is within the tooth root.  X-rays of the tooth or teeth are recommended.  In some case the root fracture may be so fine that it is not detected by xray and a CT scan may be required to show if there has been a root fracture.

If the nerve is exposed.

When the nerve of the tooth has been completely exposed, and the root itself is still in tact, root canal therapy will be required to save the tooth.  This is carried out over 2 to 3 visits, the access hole is sealed with a filling.  It is  recommended, that the tooth have a porcelain crown, which covers  the remaining tooth structure to protect it from further damage or breakages.