Have you ever looked in the mirror and wished your teeth were perfectly straight? Perhaps you have a child whose teeth are crowded, or their bite doesn’t quite line up as it should. There are many reasons people get braces. At Smile House, our skilled dentist, Dr Ali Sefidroodi provides exceptional Orthodontic  Services and can assist in moving your teeth into their correct position and alignment, utilizing advanced orthodontic techniques to give you that perfect tooth position for both aesthetics and function.

If you think you or your child may benefit from orthodontic treatment, we encourage you to schedule an appointment to learn more about your orthodontic options from our experienced team.   Early intervention in orthodontic treatments, not only contributes to improved aesthetics and function; can also  prevent more complex dental issues may save you in cost in the future or when they are older.

At Smile House, we recognize that each individual has unique goals, specific needs, and varying budget considerations. To address these diverse requirements, we offer a wide range of orthodontic systems and treatments:

The orthodontic systems available are:

There are different orthodontic options we offer,  depending on your goals, needs and budget:

With a vibratory device used each day, you can speed your results to quickly achieve the aligned teeth you desire.

Close up of Braces

Early Orthodontics

Emphasizing the importance of prevention, early orthodontic treatment aims to address dental issues in children at an early age, mitigating the need for extensive treatment in the future. By intervening during a child’s development, we can often minimize the necessity for invasive procedures and lay the foundation for a lifetime of healthy smiles.



The Damon™ System


For those seeking a discreet and removable alternative to traditional braces, clear Aligner therapy is an excellent choice. These virtually invisible aligners gradually straightenor align the teeth, providing optimal comfort and convenience.

This advanced system uses brackets that are lighter, causing less pressure and giving quicker results than some other orthodontic options.

Traditional Braces

A comprehensive range of solutions for your needs

The metal braces used by so many people are still a popular choice in straightening teeth, these are fixed to the teeth until completion of treatment phase. These give an effective, predictable outcome. White or ceramic brackets are available that make your braces less noticeable which achieve the same desireable result.

Incorporating cutting-edge technology, the Damon™ System utilizes lighter brackets to apply gentler forces on the teeth, resulting in faster and more comfortable treatment compared to traditional braces. This advanced system yields impressive orthodontic outcomes.

Emphasising Early Prevention

Up to 20% of people who need braces would have benefited from receiving treatment earlier in life. Commonly, we wait for our children to develop a problem before seeking a solution, but we promote the importance of catching such issues as early as possible.  This is called early intervention.

Your child’s first consultation can happen at age 8. With early treatment options used around this time, your child will require less invasive orthodontics later on. If left untreated, they may need extraction or surgery before they can proceed with the orthodontic treatment.

There are many simple solutions we can offer,  somtimes involving fixed or removeable appliances to aid in arch formation.

Keeping Dental Care Affordable

In addition to accepting all health funds and processing them on-site with HICAPS, we offer payment plans so that you can get the dental healthcare you need when you need it. Plans with 0% financing are available through Humm, we also have other interest free payment options available to you.

Contact us today to discuss improving your smile with orthodontics at Smile House or to book your first appointment!  We welcome you contact!