First Time to the Dentist.

Your child, through early intervention experiences within the dental clinic, meeting dental the team, sights and smells can help allay any fears that your children may have. They also know that when mum or dad or siblings are in the chair to have treatment carried out, that there is nothing to fear, because they see how you respond with your experience in a positive way.

We want your child’s first visit to be one that they are happy and comfortable with, knowing that if they have to return for any dental treatment, they are fully aware of all the surroundings and people.

For some children though, this time can be one of trepidation.  We understand this completely and would like to assist in them overcoming their trepidation or fears.  The more often they are familiarized with the surroundings, the more comfortable and at ease they become.

This is why it is such a good idea to start bringing them at a very early age.

Having your child come to the dentist at a very early age, sitting them on the parents lap, going for rides in the chair,  adding to a positive experience for them can be more accepting by them for the future dental experiences.