Teeth Whitening Treatments

Teeth whitening is a great way to enhance your smile line!

We offer highly effective teeth whitening systems from Opalescence and Pola, with both in-office and take-home options available to our patients.

Am I a candidate for teeth whitening?

You must be a minimum of 16 years old for whitening, and it is usually not suitable for elderly patients. First, we’ll need to check the condition of your teeth to be certain that you’re a candidate for teeth whitening. If necessary, we can perform hygiene cleaning,  if required,  before proceeding with whitening. Keep in mind that restorations such as fillings, crowns or bridges cannot be whitened.

Initially, a consultation with you is needed  to see if you have any fillings,(in your front teeth in particular), or  require a scale and clean to remove any hard deposit before you embark on your whitening treatments.  There may also be cavities that need to be addressed beforehand. Furthermore, if you suffer from tooth sensitivity, that needs to be considered.  Fillings themselves, will not change colour with whitening treatments, and may need changing to match your gorgeous new colour.  It’s usually a good rule of thumb, to wait 2 weeks after you achieve your desired whitening colour. before you change the front fillings.


Pola Office is a one-step system that is carried our in the dental chair. It is carried out with Hydrogen peroxide 35%.  It also includes a desensitizing agent; additional desensitising toothpastes may be required for a short period after the in-chair treatment.


There are two types of take-home whitening systems with Pola.  Hydrogen Peroxide and Carbamide Peroxide.  These are designed to assist you when it would be suitable for use, either during the day of an and evening, or, when you go to bed.

Pola day/night comes with a built-in desensitising agent, in some cases though, there may be additional help required with a desensitising toothpaste.

POLA DAY: Hydrogen Peroxide

poladay 6%: 1 or 2 30 minute/day OR 1 x 45 minute/day

poladay 7.5%: 1 or 2 x 30 minute/day OR 1 x 45 minute/day

poladay 9.5%: 2 x 15 minute/day OR 1 x 30 minute/ day

POLA NIGHT: Carbamide Peroxide

polanight 10%: 2 hours to overnight

polanight 16%: 90 minutes to overnight

polanight 18%: 90 minutes to overnight

polanight 22%: 1 x 45 minute/ day


In Chair Whitening

Opalescence Boost, in-chair whitening system or take home whitening system is a great way to enhance your gorgeous smile almost immediately.  In-chair whitening is carried out in the dental chair, it takes approximately 1 hour, or you may decide to do the whitening in the privacy of your own home.  With take-home whitening, the results may not be immediate, you will see incremental changes over a period of a couple of weeks.

Take Home Whitening

Opalescence tooth whitening gel contains PF ( potassium nitrate and fluoride), which helps maintain the health of enamel throughout the whitening process.

Formulated to prevent dehydration and shade relapse.  There are three great flavours to choose from, mint, melon or regular, for day or night wear.

Take-home gives you the flexibility of when you decide to do the whitening, utilising 30 minutes of your day to do this at home each day.

The sticky viscous gel is designed not to migrate onto the soft tissue (gums).

Take-home whitening is available in 10%, 16%, 20%, and 35% Carbamide Peroxide strengths.  You should start with the lighter strength and gradually increase in strength, depending on the desired effect you are wanting.

Everyone deserves to enjoy a healthy, bright smile that gives them confidence. If your teeth aren’t as bright as you’d like them to be, the team at Smile House can help. Even the most stubborn of stains will be lifted, allowing you to transform your look with a simple tooth whitening procedure.

How do I get started?

Together, we’ll talk about the different whitening systems available and whether you’ve had experiences with any of these in the past. Your desired results, time frame and budget will be considered before we decide what will work best for you.

We offer late opening hours for your convenience to have this treatment provided to you.

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