Teeth Whitening

Everyone deserves to enjoy a healthy, bright smile that gives them confidence. If your teeth aren’t as bright as you’d like them to be, the team at Smile House can help. Even the most stubborn of stains will be lifted, allowing you to transform your look with a simple procedure.

We offer highly effective teeth whitening systems from Opalescence and Pola, with both in-office and take-home options available to our patients.

Am I a candidate for teeth whitening?

You must be a minimum of 16 years old for whitening, and it is usually not suitable for elderly patients. First, we’ll need to check the condition of your teeth to be certain that you’re a candidate for teeth whitening. If necessary, we can perform hygiene cleaning,  if required,  before proceeding with whitening. Keep in mind that restorations such as fillings, crowns or bridges cannot be whitened.

How do I get started?

Together, we’ll talk about the different whitening systems available and whether you’ve had experiences with any of these in the past. Your desired results, time frame and budget will  be considered before we decide what will work best for you.

The Opalescence Whitening System

Widely recognised as one the most effective whitening options in the world, Opalescence is a cost-effective solution offering astonishing results.


Pola day, Pola night and Pola office+

The neutral pH in these formulas allows for superior protection of your gums and teeth.

For those seeking an efficient solution to brighter teeth, Pola office+ can be completed in a 30-minute appointment at our practice. You won’t have to worry about any follow-up treatments as this is completed in one visit.

With Pola day and Pola night, you can choose to complete whitening at home with daily 30-minute sessions or overnight while you sleep. Our patients love the convenience and comfort of completing whitening in their own time.

Call our practice today! We offer late opening hours for your convenience to have this treatment provided to you.

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